Rochester Food Tours was born in the Spring of 2013 by a husband wife duo, Brianna and Mike. My husband and I discovered food tours in Tucson Arizona. We were hooked and started to take tours in some of America’s best cities. We loved the unique walking tour and the delicious foods that we experienced on these tours. In the back of my head I had this lingering thought that I could really do this. My passion of food and Rochester inspired me to start my own food tour.
I wanted to learn all I could in starting a food tour business. While researching I found a course through Food Tour Pros that gave me the knowledge and security I needed to start a walking food tour. I decided to educate myself the best way I knew how and took their course in the Fall of 2013. Mike and I learned how to create a successful and entertaining food tour. Rochester Food Tours is an excellent way to get a glimpse of Rochester Minnesota’s vibrant downtown and the dishes it has to offer.
I can’t wait to share Rochester Minnesota’s delicious local eateries with you!